Marc Vallint and Bronson Gates

As another fresh week rolls over, we’re back with more naughty Colt Studio Group action for you to see. This special update has marc Vallint and Bronson Gates getting nasty for the camera and you and you just have to see them get to play today. The scene is special because these guys know how to party hard and they are here to put a show just for you as a special thank you for following along for so long. And we hope that in that time, this site has become your number one go to source when you want to see some amazing gay studs fucking hard each week. Anyway, we gather that you may want to get to see this coltstudiogroup show unfold so let’s get started!


Marc and Bron were enjoying a cold one in the back hard and having a talk with each other as well. Well it looks like the two are getting more and more horny seeing as they’re mostly naked and looking quite good too. They get to do lots of nasty things this afternoon and to start off, you get to watch them sucking some cock as they go down on one another. They got to spend the rest of the afternoon scene fucking outdoors in every way possible and it only ends when the two blow their loads all over each other as you can imagine. Enjoy it and do come back soon as always. But also check out the past scenes too and see some more hot studs playing or visit the site and see a naughty tranny sucking cocks!

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Colt Studio Group – Cameron and Alex

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to the all new and all fresh colt studio group scene for this fine day. The pair in action for this one are Cameron and Alex and the two are having fun in their king size bed after they got to party all night long. It seems that it’s morning and since Alex is sporting a foot long morning boner as it were, Cameron was all up to the task to calm that down in this coltstudiogroup gallery. Well, let’s get to sit back and watch them have an encore fuck in the morning in this scene and have fun with their whole show! We can guarantee that you will not be forgetting this for a long time after you get done with it.

Well to be fair, we think they won’t either. The guys just pull the sheets down and get to start having fun with each other. Cameron straigh away wraps those lips on Alex’s cock and starts to work the meat pole with a passion. See his head go up and down as he blows that meat like a pro and just as Alex is about to cum he stops. He wants to have some fun too before making him blow and you had better believe it that he wants to take that load in his ass too. Which is why for the rest of the scene, you can see the guy riding the cock cowboy style today. Enjoy the glorious gay fuck fest here today and see you all soon with more new content or enter the blog and see a hot tranny getting wild!


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Lee Young and Edu Boxer

As it’s that time of the week again, you know what that means don’t you? A new colt studio group scene is here to be showed off to you all and the guys themselves were pretty eager to get started and have some fun in this one too. These guys are Lee and Edu and as you can clearly see from the preview as well, they got to play in the back yard too for today. Just watch the show take place by the pool once more as two muscled hunks are all ready to party hard and show off what they’re made of in this coltstudiogroup scene today. With that being said, get ready to take your time and check out some pretty intense ass fucking going down with the two!


Lee Young and Edu Boxer are two guys that know how to do it right by you and themselves and since this is such a naughty little colt studio group fuck session it only fits with them starting it off by getting naughty themselves. So let’s watch some pretty superb kissing and caressing and once that’s done, with the guys all nice and wet and now rock hard, you can see Lee bending over for Edu and taking a good pounding doggie style. You can see the guy moan loudly in pleasure as that tight ass gets ravaged today and you can rest assured that it’s just magical. Check out the site if you wanna see some ladyboys getting their tight asses penetrated by big cocks! Do take the time to enjoy the view and we’ll see you again soon with some more new content!

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Colt Studio Group – Bum Rush

Well this one is pretty much straight forward here guys. The two studs in this colt studio group scene wanted to get to do the nasty and they did it in front of the cameras too so that you may enjoy the sumptuous and juicy action too. The scene is named bum rush, because they did kind of make a mad dash to the bed to start fucking and it was quite nice to see too as they did their fast foreplay. Well either way, you can rest easy knowing that there’s still a lot of images in this hot gallery of theirs today and there’s a lot of bum fucking that’s for sure too. So let’s not delay any longer and get to see this coltstudiogroup scene go down already!

Speed is all it takes for the guys to get nude pretty much as soon as the show begins and they enter the camera and they are all prepared. They mount each other in a nice sixty nine position and you can see them getting to suck on each other’s cocks and do some deep throating too. In this one there’s no real top and bottom as both of them end up taking turns to fuck each other in the ass as well. It’s one amazing gallery that we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again soon with more all new and all fresh updates too. Until then have fun with this one and maybe check out the other ones that we have here from the past. But anyway, have fun and bye bye!


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Jay Roberts and Adrian Long

Another fresh week and time for another new colt studio group scene here. We just had to bring you this one because it’s steaming hot and you just need to check it out without delay to enjoy the goodies that are inside this one. Well to begin with, the two guys present here are Jay Roberts and Adrian Long and they get to have the couch and the living room at their full disposal this fine afternoon here. Let’s get right to the action and check out a pretty insane and hot gay fuck fest here at coltstudiogroup this afternoon and watch the two guys get wild. You can bet that the couch was going to be put to use fully as they got to play today!


When the coltstudiogroup show gets started the two guys make their entry. And it’s all touchy feely as they undress one another and kiss passionately while they get to the black leather couch that we mentioned. By the time they were there, one’s just wearing socks and the other has his underwear and pants pulled down too. The mostly nude guy gets to lay back as the curly haired stud takes his time to please that meat with his lips and tongue and once he’s made sure to have it rock hard, you can see him getting to take it up the ass as well. It’s one glorious gallery that you just need to check out and we’ll bring you much more to see next week as well!

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Colt Studio Group – Brenden Cage and Gabriel

This week’s new and fresh colt studio group scene is another simply juicy one as you get to see another pair of muscled hunks getting to play dirty on camera once more. They are Brenden Cage and his buddy Gabriel and it seems that they are at a nice mountain retreat too. They are on vacation and since that’s the case you can rest assured that there’s lots of sensual and sexy relaxing with the two as they get all over one another’s business in this one and there’s plenty of coltstudiogroup goodness to check out to say the least. Well let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s see what this duo was up to as they got to fuck each other all day long!

As soon as you get to see them, the two have just entered the bedroom of their little cabin in the woods and while it would make fore a good thriller flick, this is happily not the case. As the guys have better things to do to each other in this one for sure. Sit back and check out the show with the two of them as they get to start off and the guy with he white jockstrap gets to suck the blonde guy’s dick to make him nice and hard. He wants to have that cock all rock hard and ready for his ass as he’s not stopping until it is like that. And after that, the rest of the scene you can imagine what goes down. Enjoy it and as usual see you all next time!


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Gage Weston and Mitch Branson

In today’s hot and brand new colt studio group update we have another pair that would want to share with you their little sexcapade this afternoon in their back yard. They live in a pretty tropical area so there’s always plenty of sun, and of course, the two have a nice and big pool in the back yard as well that they can always turn to to cool off. Well today they were hot and extra horny and they were going to use the spot to take time to unwind and fuck right then and there. Take your time to see this passionate duo sitting back and relaxing with this hot gay coltstudiogroup sex session for the afternoon without delay as we bet that you are eager to see them play too!


Well as we said, the colt studio group hunks were fully intent on getting nasty and nothing was going to stop them from doing so either. They get to the spot and clothes starting flying left and right. Granted, there weren’t many of them but still, you can just tell that things are about to get steamy and they would do so with the two guys at the epicenter too. Sit back and watch them skinny dip and then see them sitting on the side and blowing each other off to get those cocks nice and hard. Before long, you can see them taking turns to get on top of one another and ride that cock hard. We bet you loved it and there will be even more to check out next week too!

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Colt Studio Group – Brandon and Jake Lyons

Hey there everyone. We’re back in black this week and we have more colt studio group goodies to show off to you all once more. This time we get to Brandon and Jake Lyons getting naughty on camera and you’d better believe that you absolutely have to see this go down here today. The two hot gay studs are all about getting in one another’s pants and it shows from the very start. Either way you can sit back and relax as you get to watch these two play naughty and this coltstudiogroup scene is one to surely check out. So let’s just get on with it and see the pair getting wild and nasty with one another as they get to have their fuck without delay here today shall we?

Well apart from your usual fucking, these two are both great with their lips and mouth and you are about to see just that. It looks like for this one Brandon is the one to put his oral skills on display. Well Jake is very okay with that and so, he lets the guy kneel down and start working his meat stick with those luscious lips and eager tongue. Watch him moan as he gets one superb sloppy blowjob from his fuck buddy today and watch the whole thing go down without a problem. And naturally, as a reward for such a superb oral session Jake gets to fuck Brandon nice and hard for the rest of this glorious scene here. Do take your time with it and come back soon for more!


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Damon Audigier and Mario Costa

Hey there guys. We’re dropping by to bring you another new colt studio group scene with more hot studs that get to play naughty and they are Damon and Mario for this afternoon session and they do take their sweet time to play naughty with each other too. So sit back, relax and enjoy this coltstudiogroup action scene that you get to see with the pair of hot and horny guys here. We can assure you that their little fuck session in the living room is quite anughty and you may want to not skip out on this one at all. Anyway, let the show commence and let’s get to see the two fuck buddies plowing each other hard today!


Well once the cameras roll, our two studs are all ready to party and get naughty as you can see and they sure take their time to strip down too. They want to make sure that you get to see all of their nice sexy bodies revealed on camera today and to do that you can see them show off in a pretty incredible strip show too. Well they soon end up on the couch and as those pants come down too, you get to see them show off their skills at sucking cock as well in this gallery. Anyway, see the whole thing get more and more kinky as the two play and enjoy it. We’ll see you again soon with more all new and all fresh content everyone. Bye!

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Colt Studio Group – Aaron and Bob Hager

Welcome to this new and fresh colt studio group scene guys and more juicy and hot outdoor gay fucking for this week too. You’ve seen our studs in the past get to do what they wanted to do to one another as they played outside and we figured that this would be a good a time as any to get to have some fun and see two more hunks getting naughty with each other. They are Aaron and Bob Hager and they know how to do it naughty too. Let’s sit back and take the time to check out a superb and sensual coltstudiogroup scene this time with the two lovely and horny hunks and see them getting to do some naughty fucking here today just for you all!

The colt studio group jocks make sure to strip down to their jockstraps only as soon as the scene starts and you can see that they were going to use a bench as their little setting in the afternoon fuck session they have going on. Anyway once they are done with that, you get to see the one that gets to take it in the ass man up and kneel down to get his fuck buddy nice and hard for his ass. After which you can see the guy bend over and take it from the back as he moans in pleasure. He loves getting his ass penetrated, just like the hot t girls from the site! It’s a simply stunning and superb scene and we’ll bet that you will want to check out some more all new and all fresh scenes too, so come back next time to see that. Bye bye until then!


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