Spencer Reed and Dirk Caber

Today’s colt studio group scene is quite the amazing one once more as we get to see another pair of lovely studs getting to play nasty on camera for you. They are Spencer Reed and Dick Carber and they have this whole scene all to themselves, plus the great outdoors to play in as well. It seems that the car broke down and the two decided to look into what might be wrong, with limited success. They managed to only figure out that it needed to be towed, so they placed the call and then had to wait. But as you will see in this coltstudiogroup scene, they ended up getting bored and ended up fucking right then and there in the open while they waited!


It’s still an amazing colt studio group scene to see to say the least and you’d be passing up a great opportunity to check out two very hot guys if you skipped on this one here today. And they know how to do everything perfectly watch as Spencer and Dirk get busy dropping their shirts and pants first and you can see them taking turns to kneel down and suck each other off nicely for starters. But that’s just the appetizer of course and they get to end up doing lots and lost of nasty stuff. We’ll let you figure that one out and we’ll be bringing you more to check out next week. So you’d better be prepared for another amazing and hot gay show guys and gals! See you all soon!

Watch here this guy receiving an insane facial!