Vince Ferelli and Mitch Branson

Another fresh week and time to check out a fresh new colt studio group gallery here this week. This one’s more back to basics as it were as the two guys get to have some simple fun in their bed room. You can bet that you can still check it out and have fun with the sex as much as they did and all in all it’s still a very good show. The two hot hunks are Vince Ferelli and Mitch Branson and they are two of the best when it all comes down to getting naughty and passionate too. So let’s just get their amazing coltstudiogroup scene going and watch the two guys getting to spend their time this afternoon passionately fucking all over the room shall we?


Like a lot of the scenes here start off with, this one is no exception. So first order of business is to watch the two hot studs undressing and showing off those muscled bodies to the camera to begin with. Then they get busy some more and you can watch them get touchy feely before the next part which also involves them sucking one another off. They decided to taking turns to take it in the ass today so both of them could be the top at some point. So take your time to see them drilling each other in the ass missionary style for the rest of this gorgeous scene here. We’ll be seeing you next week and you can expect even more great updates to check out!

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Colt Studio Group – Nate Karlton and Shay Michaels

Hey there guys and gals. We’re back with a brand new and fresh colt studio group scene featuring the two smoking hot hunks named Nate Karlton and Shay Michaels and you can get to see the pair getting nasty in this orchard for the afternoon too. What can be said about the two, they are just two passionate guys that adore having lots of fun and they never want to stop either, sadly they are only human and they have limited stamina. Anyway, in this coltstudiogroup scene we get to see them have a really good time today, so let’s not waste time and get to sit back and relax as we get to check them out fucking hard style outdoors!

Well the setting is not just the orchard itself as it’s more or less the backyard to the house in a way. So when the two guys get to have their fun, they go back there. Also the spot seems to have a nice pool as well. So yeah, they more or less got to play nasty with one another in the cool water fort this one. See them get over the pleasantries, which involves the foreplay and the stripping quite fast as they seemed quite eager to fuck. You get to see the blonde guy bend over and he lets the tanned stud take his time to plow his tight ass for the rest of this glorious and sexy scene here. We’ll see you again next week with another new update!


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Tom Chase and Erik Korngold

Here we come with new and fresh colt studio group once more for you to check out and naturally some more hot and eager studs that like to play nasty. The duo for this one is Tom Chase and Erik Korngold and they plan on doing lots of naughty and kinky stuff this afternoon just for you. Let’s not waste time and watch them in action while they get busy and you can see that these two guys are also into some light S&M as well judging by their leathery outfits made of straps and the likes. Anyway, those coltstudiogroup cameras get to roll and you can check out these two getting busy with one another as they show off their favorite ways to fuck on camera today!


Tom and Erik are two guys that you just need to see taking their time to play with one another and it’s just delicious to say the least. The whole thing starts with Erik laying on his back and letting Tom, proud owner of that porn stache to get busy with his dick, whipping it out and starting to suck it and lick it like candy to begin with. He’s just so good at oral that Erik lets him go on until he gets to shoot his load all over that face of his and his hairy chest. We are hoping that you had fun seeing the two play nasty today and we’ll return soon with another new update for you all. Bye bye everyone and don’t forget to stay tuned!

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Colt Studio Group – Marco Conte and Jessie Balboa

It’s time to check out a brand new and fresh colt studio group scene and naturally there’s more new gay guys that get to have some fun for you this week as well. We promised you some pretty great shows last time and it’s time to deliver on that promise this week with these two as they bang their brains out. They are Marco Conte and Jessie Balboa and they plan on having a fucking good time today. Anyway, as you can see, they got to play outdoors as well, something that makes this whole coltstudiogroup scene even hotter we feel. But anyway, let’s just get on with the show and watch the two fuck outside in this nice sunny afternoon shall we?

When the cameras start to roll, the two guys are outside and all ready to party hard as well. they were sporting some nice outfits too, but those you don’t really need to care about as they made quick work of them today and got naked. First off to get on his knees is Marco as he more or less gets to be on the receiving end of this and he wants to show off just how good he is at sucking cocks for most of this scene. Sit back and watch as he suck’s Jessie’s meat pole with those luscious lips for the whole scene and we’re sure that you will enjoy taking your time to see them play together today. We’ll be returning next week once again with another new update and more action!


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Steve Hunt and Jake Watson

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and fresh colt studio group scene here this afternoon. In this one we have Steve Hunt and Jake Watson as the two hot guys that will entice you with their lovely fuck scene and you just have to check it out without delay. The guys get to put on a great show for everyone to see and we bet that you will enjoy the view of it all too. They got to play in the bathroom as you can see and they sure took their sweet time to do so as well. Anyway this coltstudiogroup scene is one that you most definitely need to check out if you want to see some pretty sensual and sexy image galleries this afternoon!


They were already buck naked when they entered the coltstudiogroup scene and you can bet that they were eager to get busy quite soon too. So once they do they get to be seen blowing each other’s cocks and having fun with it all. Watch them then moving to teasing one another’s asses too and enjoy some pretty hot rimming scenes as well. Anyway, we hope that you had fun and we’ll be back again soon enough with more new and fresh content for you all! All you guys and gals need to do is just sit tight and wait. We can promise you that you will pretty much adore the naughty gay fuck that we have for you next week too. Anyway, see you all then!

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Colt Studio Group – Jessie Jordan and Hayden Michaels

This week’s new and fresh colt studio group scene is here for you and naturally there’s some more juicy and kinky stuff to check out without delay. So in this scene you get to see Jessie Jordan and Hayden Michaels getting wild and naughty with each other and it’s quite worth taking your time to check them out at play too. The two hot guys banged the whole night and now in the wee hours of the morning they seem to be in the mood for another round as well. So let’s get right to their coltstudiogroup scene here today and check them out how they get to fuck nice and hard just for your viewing pleasure shall we everyone?

Well the two enter the kitchen and they seem to be wanting to get to have some early breakfast. The thing is that they are still quite horny. And even after playing a bit in the shower they still seem to be hard and eager. So you can bet that the plan to have some food flew out the window as these two guys were just so eager to get to fuck some more. Watch the guy in the red shirt getting to have his cock sucked some more and after that you get to see him bend over as well and take it in the ass from his buddy here. He made sure to reward the guy in the same way too, so you can bet that they got to have some nasty fuck scenes all over the place. Enjoy!


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Spencer Reed and Dirk Caber

Today’s colt studio group scene is quite the amazing one once more as we get to see another pair of lovely studs getting to play nasty on camera for you. They are Spencer Reed and Dick Carber and they have this whole scene all to themselves, plus the great outdoors to play in as well. It seems that the car broke down and the two decided to look into what might be wrong, with limited success. They managed to only figure out that it needed to be towed, so they placed the call and then had to wait. But as you will see in this coltstudiogroup scene, they ended up getting bored and ended up fucking right then and there in the open while they waited!


It’s still an amazing colt studio group scene to see to say the least and you’d be passing up a great opportunity to check out two very hot guys if you skipped on this one here today. And they know how to do everything perfectly watch as Spencer and Dirk get busy dropping their shirts and pants first and you can see them taking turns to kneel down and suck each other off nicely for starters. But that’s just the appetizer of course and they get to end up doing lots and lost of nasty stuff. We’ll let you figure that one out and we’ll be bringing you more to check out next week. So you’d better be prepared for another amazing and hot gay show guys and gals! See you all soon!

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Colt Studio Group – Claudio Antonelli and Chris Stone

Hey there again everyone, we’re back once again with a brand new and fresh colt studio group scene that you can check out and in this one you get to watch Claudio Antonelli and Chris Stone in some pretty kinky action for the whole afternoon. Well, you can rest assured that the group is all ready to get to do some fucking for you here today and you most definitely need to check this one out without delay too. The two studs get to use some machines in the gym to get to unload as it were in this coltstudiogroup scene and you just have to see it go down. So let’s not waste time and get their simply stunning and amazing gay fuck scene going today!

As they begin their little play session, it’s more or less after their little workout routine and they were all nice and horny too. So little else mattered to these two other than to fuck each other nice and deep in the ass without delay too. Let’s get right to the meat of this one as it were and watch as the couple start off with the foreplay in the form of some pretty sweet and juicy cock sucking sessions to get each other nice and hard for the next bit of the scene. Once they were done with all that, you can sit back and watch them taking turns to ride each other’s mighty fine dicks for the rest of this glorious and superb scene here today.


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Nate Karlton and Marc Dylan

Hey there guys and welcome to a brand new and hot colt studio group scene here today. We bring you a brand new gallery with some new hunks getting kinky and this week it’s Nate Karlton and Marc Dylan that get to be kinky and naughty for you. They are two very hot and very sexy muscled studs and they know just how good they look on camera. So they plan to put plenty of that on display as they get to fuck this afternoon. And you should also note that in this coltstudiogroup scene they take the roles of two horny officers. Let’s kick back and watch our two policemen as they get to have a wild fuck in a cell for this afternoon shall we?


As the colt studio group scene begins, the two guys in uniform make their entry and pretty much right from the start they seem all ready and set to have naughty and nasty fun with each other. So after that, check them out kneeling down and getting to suck each other’s cocks off with a passion to set the mood even better and get each other rock hard for the next part. And that part as you can pretty much guess, involves the two studs getting to fuck anally for the rest of the scene. So either way, sit back, relax and enjoy the gay fuck scene that the two put on for you guys today. We’ll be back again soon enough with more all new and all fresh updates!

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Colt Studio Group – Carlo and Zak

Colt studio group is the place that you simply must drop by and visit if you want to see some pretty incredible action going down with these hot and eager studs here. Anyway this pair is formed by Carlo and Zak and they know how to put on a great show for everyone to see too. Let’s get right to the action today with them as we bet that you guys are eager to get to see them getting wild and kinky too. So anyway, in this lovely scene the two get to  go and grab a pint and it seems that they ended up having way more nasty fun after that too. Let’s just get to check out this coltstudiogroup scene without delay and see them fucking!

So like we mentioned, the two guys were out to grab a beer and stuff and when they were done a tad tipsy, they were all ready to get down and dirty with each other. Sit back and watch them make quick work of the clothes and you can see them going at it right then and there on the bar. Check it out and watch the guys getting to have some good fun while they fuck one another in the ass nice and deep and all all over the place too. This show is one unforgetable gay fuck that’s for sure and we’re betting that you will want to see more. All you need to do in order to get that, is stay tuned for next week’s update and even more guys getting kinky!


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