Colt Studio Group – The Mountain Men

Colt Studio Group brought something special for today. We know how much you like your guys to be muscled and hot and today we found the perfect two guys and in the same scene. The older one had a resort on a top of a mountain but he barely had anyone there until a few nights ago. He heard someone knocking at his door and when he opened it he found this hot hunk at his door step. He was lost from his friends and needed a place to spend the night. Our sexy old hunk couldn’t just leave him in the cold outside because the woods can be dangerous in the nights. He invited him in and offered him a room to spend his night.

The young ColtStudioGroup hunk was so relieved and offered to help around in exchange of his help. He helped the ripped old guy around and gathered and cut some things around the resort. But once they finished the work the old gay wanted something else and he was surprised to see how open minded the young hunk was. He found him smoking hot although he was a bit older then him, but that didn’t stop to suck his cock. For more hot gay scenes you can also check out to see more ripped hunks blowing and banging each other. Enjoy!

colt studio group the mountain men

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