Colt Studio Group – Marco Conte and Jessie Balboa

It’s time to check out a brand new and fresh colt studio group scene and naturally there’s more new gay guys that get to have some fun for you this week as well. We promised you some pretty great shows last time and it’s time to deliver on that promise this week with these two as they bang their brains out. They are Marco Conte and Jessie Balboa and they plan on having a fucking good time today. Anyway, as you can see, they got to play outdoors as well, something that makes this whole coltstudiogroup scene even hotter we feel. But anyway, let’s just get on with the show and watch the two fuck outside in this nice sunny afternoon shall we?

When the cameras start to roll, the two guys are outside and all ready to party hard as well. they were sporting some nice outfits too, but those you don’t really need to care about as they made quick work of them today and got naked. First off to get on his knees is Marco as he more or less gets to be on the receiving end of this and he wants to show off just how good he is at sucking cocks for most of this scene. Sit back and watch as he suck’s Jessie’s meat pole with those luscious lips for the whole scene and we’re sure that you will enjoy taking your time to see them play together today. We’ll be returning next week once again with another new update and more action!


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