Colt Studio Group – Bum Rush Men

Colt Studio Group brought the hottest hunks fucking in the gym this time. These three went to the same gym for a while and you know everyone knows everyone in these neighborhood gyms. They met thru some friends and because of their program they went there only late in the evening. The jocks spent most of their evening there and the owner knew them so they could stay as long as they wanted there. One night things got a bit hotter between and all started after one of them complained about getting recently single.

The other two were interested in him, but never did anything because they didn’t want to mess around with a committed man. Now that they knew he was single all boundaries were off and they could finally try him out. The guys started flirting with him while they were doing their exercises and things went a bit off the roof because they started making out. From that to stripping it wasn’t such a long way and the guys ended up spending their entire night fucking each other in the middle of the gym. We sure loved this amazing ColtStudioGroup scene and we’re sure you guys will too. If you liked this you must check out for more horny men fucking. Enjoy it!

Colt Studio Group Bum Rush

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