Colt Studio Group – Brenden Cage and Gabriel

This week’s new and fresh colt studio group scene is another simply juicy one as you get to see another pair of muscled hunks getting to play dirty on camera once more. They are Brenden Cage and his buddy Gabriel and it seems that they are at a nice mountain retreat too. They are on vacation and since that’s the case you can rest assured that there’s lots of sensual and sexy relaxing with the two as they get all over one another’s business in this one and there’s plenty of coltstudiogroup goodness to check out to say the least. Well let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s see what this duo was up to as they got to fuck each other all day long!

As soon as you get to see them, the two have just entered the bedroom of their little cabin in the woods and while it would make fore a good thriller flick, this is happily not the case. As the guys have better things to do to each other in this one for sure. Sit back and check out the show with the two of them as they get to start off and the guy with he white jockstrap gets to suck the blonde guy’s dick to make him nice and hard. He wants to have that cock all rock hard and ready for his ass as he’s not stopping until it is like that. And after that, the rest of the scene you can imagine what goes down. Enjoy it and as usual see you all next time!


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